About Us
I am a retired Radiation Physicist and now spend my time travelling, weaving
and playing golf.  I live in Shelley, a southern suburb of Perth, in Western

For my weaving, I have an eight-shaft floor loom  with a maximum width of 1000
mm.  The following photo shows it whilst working on a 620 mm wide blue silk

Basically I can weave any length of fabric from 100 mm to 950 mm wide.  I did
manage to weave a 1600 mm wide blanket for each of my four grandchildren
using a double weave technique, but this was very time consuming.

I have woven a large number of different fibres such as corriedale and merino
sheep, alpaca, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen, so am prepared to fulfil any
special requests.

To follow my daily, or maybe weekly, activities you might like to regularly visit my
blog site at: